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Земельные участки в безусловном владении в районе Мераас-аль-Мамзар на Каир-роуд, Дубай

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От 12000 до 40000 кв. Футов

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Introducing, Al Mamzar District by Meraas Holdings, a freehold residential land plots for villas that is situated in close vicinity of Cairo Road, Dubai. The development follows and adheres to construction regulations of Dubai Creative Clusters Authority (DCCA). Moreover, there is no time lime set for the construction, which makes it an attractive option, under the circumstances.

Considering the fact that the plot comes with the added benefit of having no service charges, it perfectly suits your interest. In this development, you are entitled to go ahead with the construction of a Ground plus One (G+1) villa.

One of the most popular residential development, it is located right next to Cairo Road, which clearly implies Al Mamzar open beach is a few minutes away. In a way, this will allow you to relax and spend quality time with your family and friends.

Going by the nature of the development and its strategic position, you stand to gain a lot. The project is overwhelmingly customized to meet your desired specifications so that you can experience a lifestyle having its own distinct charm.

Besides, the attractive payment plan along with the freedom to choose plots as per your preference is something that works in your favour.

Key Highlights

  • Freehold residential villa plots
  • Project adhering to Dubai Creative Clusters Authority Regulations
  • No construction time limit
  • No service charges
  • Permission to build Ground plus One villa
  • Central Location
  • Attractive payment plan


Созданные для прогрессивного образа жизни, входящие в комплект удобства значительно улучшат ваш жизненный опыт. Предоставляемые удобства являются одними из лучших, и это окажет положительное влияние на общий образ жизни.

Краткое изложение плана платежей

План оплаты жилого проекта Аль Мамзар был разработан Meraas Holdings таким образом, чтобы обеспечить интерес взыскательных покупателей и инвесторов.

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